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NewsCorp-se What happens when a non-journalist attempts to conduct an interview; President Obama, Bill O’Reilly #Video

This is what happens when you let a non-journalist attempt to conduct an interview with a national leader.

Bill O’Reilly opened the interview with Barack Obama by thanking him for saving the lives of a couple of Fox News reporters. That, in and of itself, is a perfectly appropriate comment. The problem is that O’Reilly is exploiting the harrowing experiences of Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig to promote the Fox News Channel. I have yet to see Fox report on the similar experiences of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, NBC’s Richard Engle, or CBS’s Lara Logan, who was not only roughed up by thugs, but detained by Egyptian authorities. O’Reilly’s purpose was to portray Fox News as the sole network of a courageous free press.

Next O’Reilly asks Obama when Mubarak is leaving Egypt. Did he expect the President to give him a date? Then O’Reilly editorializes saying that “the longer he stays in, the more people are going to die.” Maybe so, but a real journalist wouldn’t inject his opinion into the discussion. What’s more, O’Reilly had better check with his Fox News colleagues who are clamoring for the President to support Mubarak, including their “expert” foreign policy analyst John Bolton.

O’Reilly then addresses the legal battle surrounding healthcare reform. He asked Obama about a recent Florida ruling against the bill, but ignored the fact that 12 other courts have ruled in Obama’s favor. He even ignored it after Obama pointed it out to him. To O’Reilly, the only ruling that matters is the one that serves his partisan interest. read more: News Corpse » Stupor Bowl: Obama vs O’Reilly:

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O’Reilly Says TV Shows “Won’t Stay On The Air” Without Ads — So What About Beck?

Bill O’Reilly criticized the MTV show Skins for losing advertisers due to controversial subject matter. The show, O’Reilly said, was “going down the drain” and suffering from advertisers responding to advertisers saying “we want out of there.” Television shows, O’Reilly said, “won’t stay on the air if nobody would sponsor it.”

You know who else has been losing advertisers due to controversial matter? Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News colleague, Glenn Beck.

According to The New York Times, as of September 2010, 296 advertisers had asked that their commercials not be shown during Beck’s show.

Fox News’ Juliet Huddy told O’Reilly that MTV “lost Taco Bell, Wrigley’s, Subway, Foot Locker, L’Oreal, Schick, Red Bull, and Zeno Hot Spot, which is basically, like, a pimple-clearing thing.” For a much, much, much longer list of advertisers refusing to sponsor Glenn Beck’s content, drop by the StopBeck effort.

In September 2009, ColorOfChange.org reported that the advertising boycott of Beck’s show cost Fox News almost $600,000 per week. This rapidly shrinking list of advertisers has caused concern among Fox News shareholders, concern that they brought up to chairman Rupert Murdoch, only to have it brushed off.

Perhaps O’Reilly should be more concerned about the shows that nobody would sponsor in his own backyard.

O’Reilly Says TV Shows “Won’t Stay On The Air” Without Ads — So What About Beck? | Media Matters for America

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Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Responds To Bill O’Reilly On Nazi Rhetoric. Watch!

On the January 27 edition of his Comedy Central show The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart responded to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s claim that Stewart had “edited” a clip of him comparing liberal bloggers to Nazis. O’Reilly complained that a segment on the January 25 edition of The Daily Show — in which Stewart mocked Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s claim that Fox News hosts don’t make Nazis comparisons — did not show “the context of” a clip Stewart aired in which O’Reilly compaired anonymous commenters on the Huffington Post to Nazis. O’Reilly went on to defend his comparison.

"Why you used the Nazi reference doesn’t really matter in this," Stewart said in responding to O’Reilly. "The segment was to show, contrary to Ms. Kelly’s statement that it’s not the type of rhetoric used on Fox News, that it actually does appear quite frequently." Stewart went on to say, "So my point was, contrary to your colleague Ms. Kelly, was to suggest that Fox commentators do use Nazis analogies, and your point seemed to be, ‘Yeah but I had a good reason.’" 


Daily Show ‘s Stewart Responds To O’Reilly On Nazi Rhetoric | Media Matters for America

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Fox News WikiLeaks coverage Priority #1 Blame Obama

There were many discussions about the WikiLeaks documents on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor and Hannity last night (11/29/10) but none that focused on what the documents actually revealed or the substance of the international ramifications. Instead, both of Fox News’ top prime time shows focused on one aspect: blaming President Obama.

It’s worth noting that both Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly took little to no interest in the previous WikiLeaks releases. But now the two are outraged, outraged, I tell you. read more

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