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Why They Hate Him — Luntz Focus Group Repeats What They Heard on Fox

The staff at The Ed Schultz Show did a nice job putting this mash up together explaining just where the people in Frank Luntz’s focus group the other night on Sean Hannity’s show might have gotten some of their ideas about President Obama.

Brave New Films’ Robert Greenwald who’s organization has been documenting Fox for years now joined Ed to discuss how their viewers, some of whom were obviously represented in Luntz’s focus group, are propagandized daily and exposed to nothing but a steady stream of hatred and lies.

John posted the video of the original segment earlier today.

Why They Hate Him — Luntz Focus Group Repeats What They Heard on Fox | Video Cafe

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Note To @FoxNews: Your Own Network Is Relying On Al Jazeera

Fox Nation and blogger Jim Hoft have attacked President Obama for reportedly watching coverage of the crisis in Egypt on Al Jazeera. They seems to think that means Obama is in league with the terrorists or something.

However, if it’s a problem to rely on Al Jazeera, then Fox News itself is perpetuating the problem. That’s because Fox News has relied on the both Al Jazeera’s live feed and its reporting as can be seen from a couple of stills from Fox over the last week:

Fox News streams Al Jazeera feed [Fox News’ Studio B, 2/4/11]

Fox News cites Al Jazeera [Fox News’ Happening Now, 1/28/11]

But that’s not all. Conservative media outlet Pajamas TV has criticized Fox’s coverage of Egypt while praising Al Jazeera’s coverage.

On the February 2 edition of Pajamas TV’s Pollywood segment, Lionel Chetwynd, an appointee to President Bush’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities and Pajamas Media founder Roger L. Simon agreed that Al Jazeera had the best coverage:

CHETWYND: I finally left Fox to go to Al Jazeera. All the American networks are way behind Al Jazeera. They were on the ground. Obviously, their commentators were plying the new Arabist leftist version that our State Department has adopted in the last three or four days. And that was an insight into what our left really thinks because that’s who’s on Al Jazeera. But their coverage on the ground was absolutely flawless there and in Jordan. And I had to go to Al Jazeera.

SIMON: I think your right. And secondarily, of the American networks, I regret to say, because I usually don’t like them at all, CNN did the best job. Even Piers Morgan who had the execrable Dan Rather on, but Rather knew more about Mubarak than most of these clowns do.

CHETWYND: For whatever reason, Fox did not rely on Sky. Whenever they go to “our sister network Sky,” their coverage is good because BSkyB in England, which is also a News Corp. enterprise are very good on the ground. For some reason they weren’t. I also did a little bit of listening to Voice of America who, you know, were way ahead of the story, months ago, way ahead of our own State Department actually.

source: Note To Fox: Your Own Network Is Relying On Al Jazeera | Media Matters for America

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Top Ten Ways Fox News Made An Ass Of Itself And/Or Its Viewers In 2010

In a year of transformational events that included a divisive debate over health care, environmental devastation in the Gulf of Mexico, a tragic Haitian earthquake, and a power shift in Congress, Fox News still managed to manufacture more trauma and fables than any other “news” source, with the possible exception of the Cuckoo’s Nest Weekly Gazette.

After reviewing the cornucopia of crazy from 2010 that best exemplifies the brand of journalistic malpractice perfected by Fox News, I have compiled the year’s top ten ten ways Fox News made an ass of itself and/or its viewers. It is a list that also reveals Fox News to be the go to source for disinformation and the champion of phony hysteria. So without further ado, the winners are…..

  Ashamed And Sickened By Roger Ailes
Even Rupert Murdoch’s own family can’t stand Roger Ailes. This is what Murdoch’s son in law has to say about him: “I am by no means alone within the family or the company in being ashamed and sickened by Roger Ailes’s horrendous and sustained disregard of the journalistic standards that News Corporation, its founder and every other global media business aspires to.”

Has It Really Come To This: Boob Bombs?
The Fox paranoia machine was running overtime when they reported as fact that “Muslim doctors trained at some of Britain’s leading teaching hospitals have returned to their own countries to fit surgical implants filled with explosives. […] Women suicide bombers recruited by al-Qaida are known to have had the explosives inserted in their breasts under techniques similar to breast enhancing surgery.”

read more, lots more!  News Corpse » Top Ten Ways Fox News Made An Ass Of Itself And/Or Its Viewers In 2010:

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Country Legend Merle Haggard Calls Out The Lies Of Fox News ~

In an interview with Rolling Stone about receiving the Kennedy Center Honor for lifetime achievement, outlaw country legend Merle Haggard reflected on meeting President Obama. He blasted “the media,” for making up and spreading lies about Obama, “It was also nice to meet Obama and find him very different from the media makeout. It’s really almost criminal what they do with our President.” It is obvious that Haggard was talking about Fox News.

read more: Country Legend Merle Haggard Calls Out The Lies Of Fox News

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Irony Alert: Greta Van Susteren Questions Juan Williams’ Credibility

In a recent appearance on Fox News, Juan Williams made an observation that most thinking people would regard as objectively true when he said that Sarah Palin “can’t stand on the intellectual stage with Obama.” Even most Republicans don’t think Palin has the qualifications to be president, and many are simply embarrassed by her frequent incoherent Facebookings and Tweets.

But Palin’s Fox News colleague, Greta Van Susteren, is not amongst them. In response to Williams’ comment Van Susteren took to her blog to question Williams’ journalistic credibility and to ask whether he had ever interviewed the Tea Hag, implying that if he had not his opinion is irrelevant. Says Van Susteren:

“Knowing the source of a journalist’s information helps you judge whether it is good information or just yak. […] Knowing if he interviewed (first hand knowledge) either and to what depth can help guide you as to whether you should credit his opinion or not.”

read more: News Corpse » Irony Alert: Greta Van Susteren Questions Juan Williams’ Credibility:

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The Year In Fox News Misinformation

As the year comes to a close, Media Matters offers a month-by-month look back at Fox News’ most outrageous and factually challenged moments of 2010.

[Listed below are topic headings only. Click on the link to read more.]


Hume Counsels Tiger Woods To Ditch Buddhism To “Make A Total Recovery.”

Fox Hires Palin As A Contributor. 

Fox Campaigns For Scott Brown.


Fox Campaign Season Heats Up.

Fearmongering Over Health Care Reconciliation.


Open Activism Against Health Care Reform.

Glenn Beck’s Fiascoes Multiply.


Hannity’s Tea Party Appearance Canceled.

O’Reilly’s Fox News Defense Fails Spectacularly.

Dick Morris Invents, And Then Retracts, Clinton-Reno-Waco Story.


John Stossel Calls For Repeal Of Civil Rights Legislation.

Crusading Against Justice Kagan.

Calling For Impeachment Over Sestak Non-Scandal.


Giving Land Back To Mexico.

Standing Up For BP.


Fox Hypes Phony New Black Panthers Scandal.

Fox Assists Breitbart’s Smears of Shirley Sherrod As Racist.


Fox Provides Megaphone To Park51 Opponents.

8-28 “Restoring Honor”: Glenn Beck Honors Glenn Beck.


Glenn Beck And Fox News’ Anti-Semitism Problem.

Fox Calls For Repeal Of The 20th Century.

Fox News’ Christine O’Donnell Problem.


Kilmeade “Misspoke” About “All Terrorists” Being “Muslims” — Twice.

Glenn Beck’s Violent Rhetoric — And Its Consequences.


How Fox News Won The Elections.

Fox News’ “Nazi” And “Socialism” Rhetoric Comes Straight From The Top.

Lou Dobbs Joins Fox Birther Network.

Andrew Napolitano Pushes 9-11 Conspiracy Theories — Fox Is Hypocritically Silent.

Fox News’ 2012 Presidential Roster.


Fox News Vs. The DREAM Act.

Fox Washington Managing Editor Bill Sammon Caught Slanting News Reporting.

read more: Off The Rails: The Year In Fox News Misinformation

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Fox News #Fail Misinformation on health care reform, climate change and other subjects

For some time, it has been alleged by media critics that Fox News conducts business like a political organization rather than a news organization by broadcasting counter factual conservative views in its straight news division as well as prime time opinion programming.

A recent study by WorldPublicOpinion.org demonstrated:

in most cases, the more a person watched and read the news, the less likely they were to have been misled about the facts. But “there were however a number of cases where greater exposure to a news source increased misinformation on a specific issue,” the study’s authors wrote. In particular, they found that regular viewers of the Fox News Channel, which tilts to the right in prime time, were significantly more likely to believe untruths about the Democratic health care overhaul, climate change and other subjects.

When Fox was asked for comment, Mr. Clemente,  who oversees every hour of objective news programming on Fox News said,

“The latest Princeton Review ranked the University of Maryland [home of WorldPublicOpinion.org] among the top schools for having ‘Students Who Study The Least’ and being the ‘Best Party School’ – given these fine academic distinctions, we’ll regard the study with the same level of veracity it was ‘researched’ with.”

Fox’s response to a study that shows it’s viewers are misinformed is stunning in its lack of concern. It is also  stunningly similar to how a campaign spokesman would respond to negative allegations during a political campaign.

read more: Study: Some Viewers Were Misinformed by TV News - NYTimes.com

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