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The TURN OFF FOX “News”, Dec 14 2010

Read: The TURN OFF FOX “News”, Dec 14 2010


  • Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid
  • Glenn Beck’s Hypothetical Support for Murdering Fareed Zakaria 
  • George Will celebrates 10th anniversary of Bush v. Gore by promulgating falsehood 
  • Now he tells us: Hannity calls Bush tax cuts “madness” 
  • Fox & Friends Saturday turns Benedict Arnold in war on Christmas 

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Fox News’ obsession over President Obama’s remarks about “jihad” during his trip to India perfectly epitomizes one of the ways it spins and distorts the news for its partisan purposes. Rather than discuss the substance of Obama’s trip or what he accomplished there or his record on the war on terror, Fox News took what would have been an unremarkable soundbite for any truly fair-minded examination and blew it up into an unfounded suggestion that Obama is soft on or overly sympathetic to Islamic terrorism.
News Hounds: Fox News Jihad Against Obama

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"Lets give credit where credit is due! Without the strong advocacy of Fox News (and of course WorldNetDaily.com), orchestrated by its chief, Roger Ailes – the former Republican ad man that helped elect President Ronald Reagan – we would not now have a strong tea party, and we would not have removed Nancy Pelosi and her fellow socialists from control of the U.S. House of Representatives." - Larry Klayman
News Hounds: Fox News Gets Props For GOP Victory, Fox As Shakespeare, And “Sex Power God” Still Going Strong!

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Fox News anchors for quite some time have shown almost no inclination in terms of knowing how to practice traditional journalism, so there was no reason to think the likes of Sean Hannity would suddenly discover the subtler points of the newsmaker Q&A while sitting awe-struck across from Bush. (“You’ve become a little bit like a rock star!”)
Fox News and the Bush Myth Machine | Media Matters for America

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