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Fox News Calls WikiLeaks A “Left-Wing Website”

To her credit, Megyn Kelly corrected the record.

On her America Live show yesterday (12/9/10), Megyn Kelly was apparently reading a scripted introduction when she said, “This all started when the left-wing website WikiLeaks…” Kelly paused and added, obviously in her own words, “I don’t know that you can call WikiLeaks left wing. It’s a website that discloses confidential and secret documents that has been provided by a leaker.”

Good on her. But it was obviously Fox News’ intent to put forward this falsehood.

News Hounds: Fox News Calls WikiLeaks A “Left-Wing Website”

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Fox News WikiLeaks coverage Priority #1 Blame Obama

There were many discussions about the WikiLeaks documents on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor and Hannity last night (11/29/10) but none that focused on what the documents actually revealed or the substance of the international ramifications. Instead, both of Fox News’ top prime time shows focused on one aspect: blaming President Obama.

It’s worth noting that both Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly took little to no interest in the previous WikiLeaks releases. But now the two are outraged, outraged, I tell you. read more

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